Saving lives by ensuring competency at a Norwegian Health Trust: Dossier Case Study by Towards Maturity

by Towards Maturity

The Towards Maturity case study analyzes the impact of strategic competency management using Dossier in a large regional health system managing 31,000 employees and nine hospitals.

It is written by Towards Maturity, a leading UK based benchmarking and research organisation in the field of workplace learning and development. The case study reflects work specifically completed in the Western Norway Health Authority, in particular at Haukeland University Hospital, using Dossier.

Please note the following highlights:

New unique capabilities:
● Creating and managing competence requirements locally
● Managing competence assurance and development at the point of work
● Monitoring, reporting and acting on compliance in real-time

Performance shifts in the areas of:
● Patient safety
● Compliance
● Workforce planning

Positive ROI:
● Quantifiable ROI on administrative efficiencies justify the investment
● More significant value lies in quality improvements as well as new
capabilities at micro and macro levels

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